Renting a Jeep is Adventure and with it, usually comes a lot of questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for information, insight and advice.

Its just a ‘Rental,’ Right?

Yes, it is a ‘Rental,’ but it’s YOUR rental. When you sign your rental contract and other related forms, the rental vehicle becomes YOUR responsibility and you will be responsible and liable for ‘any and all damage to the vehicle and/or any gear and equipment’ during your Adventure. Be smart, be responsible and you will have a great Adventure.

How long is a Full Day Rental?

Your Full Day Rental is just that, 24 Hours. Pick up your rental, take your time to discover the area, stay the night and then bring the Jeep back the next Day.

Where can I go?

It’s your Adventure, you can go pretty much anywhere you want as far as ‘Destinations’ are concerned. You are not limited to a certain area or mileage radius. If your Adventure Plans take you to the far corners of the State or even out of State, we do require that you provide us an itinerary of your trip. One thing though, you are restricted from crossing the border into Mexico with our Jeep. Remember, even if you are having a great Adventure, unfortunately… you still need to come back so be sure to figure in ‘return time’ into your Adventure Plans. For Trails please reference the Trails FAQs.

Do I have a Daily Mileage Limit?

No you do not have a Daily Mileage Limit. We do request that; if your Adventure takes you miles, and miles and miles and miles out of the central Arizona area, you provide us with a general trip itinerary; so that we know where you and our Jeep are, for a lot of different reasons.

What about Fuel?

Your Red Rock Adventure Jeep will have a full tank of fuel when you pick it up. Any additional fuel you need during your Adventure is your responsibility. We do require that you return it to us with a full tank of fuel as well. If the Jeep isn’t brought back with a full tank, you will be billed at the current market price plus $2.00/gallon, plus a $40.00 service fee for us to fill it up. Fuel levels are based on ¼ tank increments only.

What trails can I use?

You may travel on all public roads, as well as any designated un-paved trails. You should always be driving on a named, numbered, or designated public road or “trail”. Some of the more adventurous rock crawling trails are still designated as roads, even though you are not on a paved road, it is still designated as such. If you have any questions about this, please let us know!

What trails are open?

This is a good question. Best thing to do is check the trail status by clicking on this link. Some Trails open and close with the seasons and others may not be accessible because of natural changes like wash outs or rock slides. This is Arizona and you are going out into an ever changing environment so please stay on top of the status of the destinations you want to visit on your Adventure, just in case you may have to alter your original plan.

Do you have maps available for my Adventure?

Each Red Rock Adventure Jeep has a ‘dash-mounted tablet for helping you reach and return from your Adventure. Each tablet is loaded with multiple Mapping Apps that are designed to work ‘off line’ or out of cell phone range. These Mapping Apps location finding software is also supported by a secondary GPS/GLONASS Antenna Unit.

Can I go ‘OFF-ROAD?”

The terms ‘Off-Road” or "Off-Roading" are often a common misconception. All Jeep renters, and all public road users in this area, are required to stay ‘ON-ROADS.’ ‘ON-ROAD’ is when you are driving on a named, numbered, public road or ‘Trail,’ that is an established thoroughfare. Even popular destination “Trails” like Broken Arrow or Diamondback Gulch are recognized public roads. So even though you are using an un-paved road, you are not going “Off-road.” Officially “Off-Road” is when the vehicle leaves the ‘established’ road or trail. Please stay on the trail!

Where can I camp?

This is one of the coolest things about Arizona, outside the natural trails and scenery of course! You can pretty much camp anywhere in the desert. Just outside Phoenix is the Cococino National Forest with contains over 1.8 million acres of wilderness and recreation area! You must follow the National Forest Rules of course, but finding a place to camp becomes an Adventure in itself! For a ton of information on planning your Arizona Overland Camping Trip, visit campArizona.com.

What should I bring?

While we would love to pack for you, the answer to this one is on you. Please research your planned destinations on your Adventure for information on climate and recommendations on apparel for the area and/or season. Remember it is the desert, warm to really hot in the day to cold and chilly at night once the sun goes down. Here’s some basic recommendations for day Adventures:

  • shoes/boots like hiking boots
  • Sunscreen and Sun glasses
  • Pants and/or a Jacket, especially if you are headed up to the mountains or going to be out after dark.
  • Snacks and Beverages for you and your group.
  • A couple extra bottles of water is always a good idea!
For extended trips or camping trips, please take the time to pack accordingly. Do your research and Use common sense. If you have question’s please feel free to give us a call.

Also, don’t forget that each rental requires the following before you can start your Adventure:
  1. Valid Driver’s License (Customer must be 25 years or older)
  2. Valid Credit Card (the one you made the reservation on)
  3. Proof of Full Coverage Auto Insurance (must be in customers name)
While it’s not a requirement in most cases, the staff at Red Rock Adventure Rentals would appreciate an itinerary of your planned Adventure. No, we aren’t going to be following you around, its just helpful to have an idea of where you will be traveling in-case something arises during your Adventure.

What can I fit in the Jeep?

All of our Red Rock Adventure Rentals Jeeps are 4 door ‘Jeep Wrangler Unlimited’ models. They can carry up to [5] people [2 up front and 3 in the back seat], but we recommend limiting it to [4] adult sized people for extra room if you are planning on hitting some of the more advanced trails. [3] kids in the backseat isn’t bad, but you’re the one who will have to deal with the levels of excitement coming from the back seat. There is ample cargo room in the rear of the Jeep plus, the rear seats do fold down if you need even more room.

Can my family members or friends drive the Jeep?

Yes of course they can share in the fun! There’s just one thing though… you must add any potential drivers to the rental contract before starting your adventure. Each additional must meet the basic requirements- 25 years or older, possess and present a valid driver’s license and also have proof of a ‘Full Coverage” auto insurance policy in their name.

Can I bring my pet?

We love our pets and we know you do too. Yes, you can bring a pet however there are a few things you need to do and be aware of if you are planning on bringing your buddy along with you. In addition, a $50.00 fee will be charged if you are bringing your 4-legged friend on your adventure.

Advanced reservations are required so we can properly prepare Your Jeep for you and your pet. The Jeep will have seat covers installed to minimize pet hair and damage; and of course, to maximize pet safety and comfort. Under most circumstances, no cleaning fee will be applied to your rental. However, cleaning fees will be applied if there is excessive hair throughout the Jeep, or more commonly if your pet had an accident-vomit, feces, etc, while in the Jeep. Any Damage to the Jeep as a result of your pet [chewed seat belt, door handle, etc] will be your responsibility and billed accordingly.

If I do bring my Pet, is there anything else I need to know?

Yes there are a few other things to consider…

  • Please consider which of any, Parks and archaeology sites you may plan to visit on your Adventure. Pets are not allowed on hiking trails in National Parks or Monuments, and never at any historic or archaeological sites. Leaving your pet in the vehicle while you visit these locations may not be the best idea for you or especially your pet.
  • Please consider your Pet’s safety and security. A lot of Arizona’s moderate and adventurous trails are not appropriate for pets, especially if they are not secured or accustomed to the bouncing and steep angles that you may experience on your Adventure. Neither you nor us, want to see pets injured from being dumped or bounced off the seat on steep hills, or injure other occupants in their attempt to find some way to balance themselves; let alone, bite onto something or someone to help them hold on. Pets are extremely uncomfortable in a bouncy, shaky or tipsy vehicle.
  • Please note a $50.00 fee will be assessed if bringing a pet. Please be sure to contact our staff and let us know.

What if I get lost, stuck or the Jeep breaks?

Remember, the Jeep is your ticket on your adventure, be responsible. If you get lost, don’t panic. You should be on an established road or trail, and most likely someone will be passing by shortly. The GPS and mapping systems in the Jeep are there to help guide you back to familiar territory. Each Jeep is also equipped with a CB Radio just in case you are temporarily out of cell phone range. The Jeeps are maintained and tested regularly, so it is very uncommon that a mechanical issue might occur on the road or trails. If you have an issue or require assistance, guidance or any other sort of help just call us at 602-999-6591, we are happy to lend a hand!

Do I have to pay anything upfront to reserve my Adventure Rental Jeep?

At the time of reservation, your valid major credit card will be charged, to cover the estimated rental charges and any additional charges that may be incurred as a result of your specific requests. These funds will not be available for your use.

Can I pay cash for the Rental?

Yes, you may pay cash for the rental, however we still require the reservation to be placed on a valid major credit card with the customer’s name on it. Your card will be charged at the time of the reservation. After your return your vehicle and it is inspected and Ok’d, you may pay cash for the rental and your card will be refunded the original amount charged. Remember, most Credit Card companies have Rental Car Insurance Programs attached to them. Take a minute and check with your card provider to see what protections they offer.

What kind of Insurance do I need?

You must have a current ‘FULL COVERAGE’ insurance policy on your own car. With ‘Full Coverage’ policies, most insurance companies cover you in any vehicle you are driving, including rental cars like your Red Rock Adventure Jeep. This coverage is normally found under your ‘Comprehensive’ or ‘Collision’ policies. With valid coverages, you will not need any rental coverages. Please note that ‘rental car’ coverages in most policies are related to whether or not you will be ‘compensated’ if you have to ‘RENT’ a car as a result of an accident to your own vehicle and it is going to be in the collision shop for a while.

We do offer Glass and Tire Insurance to help cover you from some of the most common mishaps while on your Adventure. Check it out here. You are not required to have it… its just a little assurance insurance!

Click here for more information

What happens if I get in an accident?

If the unfortunate event happens and you have found yourself in a fender bender, either on the on the paved or un-paved roads, the accident will be claimed on driver’s, at the time, ‘Full Coverage’ insurance policy. This situation is why we require that all driver’s have valid ‘full coverage’ policies through their specific insurance provider. Remember, most major credit card companies offer some degree of ‘rental car accident coverage’ when you use their credit card to reserve and pay for the rental.

If an accident does occur, outside of minor trail mishaps, please make sure that you contact the local authorities as well as Red Rock Adventure Rentals so it can be properly documented and handled.

What happens if I damage the Jeep or have a mishap on the trail?

Well we all make mistakes and occasionally a little mishap occurs as a result. Even with aggressive tires, heavy duty bumpers, skid plates and sliders on the Jeep, occasionally during an Adventure, one of our Adventurers may have a whoops moment and make new friends with a with a rock or ledge, resulting in a dented or deformed bumper or mangled fender, sometimes even a little more. When these little mishaps do occur, it is our goal to get the jeep back into service and make the repair bill easy on the customer too. The most common damage to Jeeps is very inexpensive, and can be settled immediately at the return check in. If you have a minor mishap on the trail, here is what you might expect to pay:

  • Fender Flare - $150/corner
  • Bumpers-Scratches-$50-100/per
  • Bumpers-Replacement- $550/per
  • Side Rails-Scratches-$50-100/side
  • Side Rails-Replacement- $450/set
  • Shock - $150/corner
  • Windshield - $350 *w/o T&G Coverage
  • Tire - $350/per tire *w/o T&G Coverage
  • Wheel/Rim- $350/per wheel
  • Soft Top Rear or Side Window- $150
  • Soft Top- Total Replacement- $2,500
Depending on the mishap and the extent of the damages, like body scratches, dents or other incidents requiring the Jeep to be repaired at a body shop, most guests choose to submit a claim to their auto insurance company to cover the repair costs, or even check with their Credit Card company to see what coverages they offer.

Can you pick me and/or my group up from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?

As Red Rock Adventure Rentals is conveniently located minutes outside Phoenix Sky Harbor, we will do our best to be available to assist in pick up and drop off, you and your group from the airport. Please be sure to contact us 72 hours before your scheduled arrival date and time so that we can plan accordingly. Please be advised that this is a courtesy shuttle offered by Red Rock Adventure Rentals. It is no means a guarantee. That being said, if given enough advance notice, we will do our best to pick up and drop off!

Are there any cleaning fee’s I need to know about?

In most cases, there are no cleaning fees related to your Adventure Jeep Rental. We are renting Jeeps that are going to find their way into some dirt and mud. If the Jeep is returned in a condition that would be considered ‘excessively dirty or muddy’ and we will have to take it out of service so that it can be restored to the same condition that you rented it in; then yes, you can expect to pay a ‘cleaning fee.’ A minimum cleaning fee of $100.00 will be charged for ‘excessively dirty or muddy’. We know the floors are going to get dirty, that’s why put awesome floor mats in the jeep, but please try and keep excessive mud off the seats and interior panels. If you take a pet with you on your adventure, you agree to pay a $50.00 additional fee for pets or animals at the end of your rental. Please let us know if you plan on bringing pet.

Lastly, you are not allowed to smoke or ‘vape’ in any of the Red Rock Adventure Rental Vehicles. If it is found that a customer has violated this policy, they will be charged a minimum $250.00 cleaning/detailing fee, no questions asked.

What if ‘life happens’ and I have to cancel my trip?

In the unfortunate event that one of our adventurers has cancel their trip, we will work with them as best we can. If re-scheduling is an option, we will move their reservation to a new date that works for everyone. If postponing the adventure is not an option, then Customers will receive a 100% refund credit if we are notified of the cancellation more than 72 hours prior to their reservation. Cancellations made within 72 hours are subject to a one day rental charge at our regular rates. If cancellation is made within 24 hours on a standard rental, a one day rental charge plus a cancellation fee of $90.00 will apply. In regards to a Camper Jeep and/or long term Jeep rental, the minimum rental fee plus a cancellation fee of $90.00 will apply. If customer does not show up to rent the vehicle or if cancellation is made post pick up time, the customer must pay for the full rental period at our regular rental rates as per reservation. Any early returns may be a subject to a full charge as per reservation or at our regular rates. By reserving your Red Rock Adventure Rental Jeep, you agree to these terms. Red Rock Adventure Rental does its absolute best to keep all our vehicles operational and available to meet all reservations. Contact us by phone or email if you unfortunately have to reschedule or cancel your reservation.